About the office

Østengen & Bergo AS is a renowned landscape architect office founded in 1996 by Kari Bergo and Johan Østengen. We are based in Oslo, Norway. Østengen & Bergo AS is involved in wide range of tasks in landscape architecture, from landscape analysis and urban planning, to building details.

Our strength is that we are a small team with versatile skills, which conduct large projects focused and efficient. The office`s ten landscape architects have various backgrounds and international education. This gives us a positive diversity and the ability to solve architectural challenges in a new and exciting way. The whole team especially contributes in the first phases of project development, to generate ideas and great concepts. At Østengen & Bergo AS, the partners are closely involved in the projects as project managers until completion.

Østengen & Bergo AS is seeking to emphasize the uniqueness of a place. Our aim is to create sustainable and functional solutions that inspire and invites us all to use our common grounds. We will create space for biodiversity and natural experiences, recreation and activity, special occasions and everyday life.